Pranayama is not simply a technique to control our breath and induce relaxation of the mind and body. There is a great deal of activity that takes place with every breath you take. Pranayama is an ancient science that goes deeper then the science of breath which explains how oxygen is pumped into every single cell, the science of pranayama also works to the same extent in parallel with our natural breath and deals with many invisible energies working behind the scene and beyond the physical. The word Pranayama is derived from the Sanskrit word Prana which is a combination of two Sanskrit syllables, pra and na , which is a force in constant motion, which exists in the entire universe and in every plane of existence and within you. And this force is in sync with the breath which we shall discuss later, but we can’t call it a force because prana is what manifests as force and can manifest itself into anything in the universe. So the whole purpose of pranayama is to achieve control over this force and increase the flow of prana in the physical body and thereby vitalizing mind, body and spirit.

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